The Blue Cup Cafe exists in my mind and in my writing.
The patrons of the cafe are characters in a series of interwoven tales where various other patrons write what they imagine to be the stories behind those observe at The Blue Cup.

Warning: To those sensitive to rough language, you may find a little here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lucy Rebels

Lucy learned to be a nicotine addicted alchoholic very quickly. 
She drove to work with a six pack of beer in the back seat.  A six pack usually got her through a workday.  She drank her first beer at home in the morning, on an empty stomach.  It gave her a better first buzz that way.  She followed that with a cup of coffee.  Later at work she’d have something to eat. 
She smoked three cigarettes on her way to work.  She’d learned to drive one-handed with the window cracked, smoke and ash blowing out the crack. She could rest her hand over the heat vent on the door panel that blasted hot air so she could smoke even on the coldest days.  Like today. 
Funny.  Smoking was considered such a no-no, but the drinking was considered de rigueur.  Of course you drank after work.  Of course you kicked back on the weekends, and even tied one on.  ‘Ritas and ‘Tini’s of every flavor and variety were shared and compared.  Tropical and fruity, and PUNCH RECIPES GALOR were emailed and faxed.  And sangrias with enough hard booze to knock out the entire Spanish Army.. 
So Lucy smoked.  She knew it was some sort of rebellion against society in general.  A society that glamorized drinking and sex, but vilified smoking.  Well, then, damn it, she’d smoke if boozing it up and sleeping around wasn’t enough of a rebellion.

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