The Blue Cup Cafe exists in my mind and in my writing.
The patrons of the cafe are characters in a series of interwoven tales where various other patrons write what they imagine to be the stories behind those observe at The Blue Cup.

Warning: To those sensitive to rough language, you may find a little here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Carolyn and the "Mujeres al Borde..."

Cinco Mujeres.  Five women.  Five women on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  None of them could remember how they all met, but for some months now they had been regularly meeting at the Blue Cup Café as a quasi therapy session and support group.  And it was after Carolyn showed her class at Belleview the Almodovar film “Mujeres al Borde de un Ataque de Nervios,” to which she also invited her therapy-mates, that she started calling their little group “Mujeres al Borde."
The name stuck.

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